Ours is a lonely world…

With short summers and long winters.

We are the descendants of gods and ancient lords, and yet we bicker like children.

Where dragons fly, goblins lurk, and the dead walk again. This is no time to be alone after dark, and I fear it is only the beginning.


A Torchbearer Campaign.

The Current Group (weighing in at 5 members):

  • Gwyn Val’dai, a Human Paladin. Played by George.
  • Marcus Oak, a Human Magician. Played by Johnny.
  • Everard Burrows, a Halfling Thain. Played by Will.
  • Valencia Lockheart, a Human Thief. Played by Izzi.
  • Gregor Wallace, a Half-elf Bard. Played by Jake.


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